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    Situated by the Yellow Sea is the thousand-year-old town with endless talents and glories;
    Standing on the Bencha Canal is the four-starred School with countless flowers and fruits.
    Jiangsu Senior High School, through 80 years of solidarity, diligence, factuality, and innovation, through 80 years of hardships, endeavor, cultivation, and reputation, and through 80 years of persistence, continuation, endurance and succession, has developed from a school with only 20 rooms to its present grandness, leaving behind a trail of struggle and brilliance.
    All along the way, we staff in Bencha Senior High School have been pioneering and cultivating, going through trials and hardships, and producing solid fruits. With enterprising attitude, lofty sense of responsibility, intense passion, and practical working style, our efforts have led to the successive growth of education idea and ideal education, as a result of which our alumni, as pillars of our country, generation by generation, are continuously making splendid achievements with their talents and wisdom, realizing their social values and self values.
    How arduous it is to establish a cause! How trying it is to achieve successes! We will firmly keep to the educational philosophy of serving the civilians, continuously carry out the schooling strategy of refined management, and extensively carry forward the schooling feature of educating with school spirit. Bearing in mind the school motto of “Never stop until the finest; succeed by devotion and diligence”, we will constantly upgrade our schooling philosophy and comprehensively enhance our teaching quality by inheriting the glorious traditions; we will make arduous efforts to reinforce our education brand by positively optimizing the school features; we will run the school to the people’s contentment through intensive development.
    I am utterly convinced that Bencha Senior High School has a more promising future, for the sake of the affectionate care from leaders of all levels, for the sake of the utmost assistance from various circles of society, for the sake of the full understanding of all the parents, for the sake of the generous support of all the alumni, and last but not the least for the sake of the collective efforts of the teachers, students, and all the others in the school.

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